Sunday, December 1, 2013

Merry Christmas

Garvey – Merry Christmas
Syn Designz

The tube I am using is Sugar Plum, which can be purchased in Keith Garvey's Christmas section, which can be found HERE

The kit used is by Donna Lalicata, a pay to use kit which can be purchased HERE

I am using Template 128 a freebie from Becky which you can grab

Mask provided below
Just right click and save

Copy the layers of the template over to a new image,
I go layer by layer that way I can rearrange to my liking.
Standard 600x600 Image
with No Transparency

I resize each layer to 80%

Select 5 papers of your liking and minimize all

Now activiate the back layer of your template
Click your magic wand tool and click in the rectangle so your marching ants surround it.
Copy a paper into the rec using ctrl+L as a new layer

Go to Selections in the menu and click<invert>

Do the same with other layers but save the last paper for later.

Next we play with the tube.
Choose which layer of the tube you like...
I chose the middle layer.

Copy her over and place above the frame to the line.

Time to play with the elements...

Select a ribbon, I chose a green one to offset the red.
Copy (ctrl+L) in front of the tube
Re size (ctrl+s) to 80%

Open a Red bow and copy to each end of the ribbon
Re size to 30%

Now select a swirled lollipop and copy and place behind the ribbon

Here we will be using a plug in for the lollipop (or you can use the drop shadow tool and use the settings of your choosing)

Effects>PlugIn>Alien Skincandy 5: Impact<Perspective Shadow>
Settings are as follows:

Center offset Distance: 3.00
Overal Opacity: 93
Over All Blur: 4.00
Choose your Selection tool and highlight the candy cane

Right click the candy cane layer, click duplicate
Then in your menu go to
Image>mirror> to the other side

Unminimize your saved paper and paste it behind all the layers.

Menu>Layer<New Mask Layer>From Image>
(choose misfit mask)

Now add your copyright information

Save your image as a PSD
that way you have your blank

Choose your font
I used Segoe Script

Now place your name wherever you like.

Save as a PNG file and


I hope you enjoyed my tutorial...
Please email me your results, I would love to see them!



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