Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Winter Magic

Winter Magic
Jose Cano

Totorial ©Syn Designz

Supplies Needed:

Tube of Choice

I am using Jose Cano's Autumn tube which can be purchased HERE

For the kit I am using Winter Magic by Pixie Fairy Creations which can be purchased HERE

Template 112 by Becky which you can snag HERE
(Out of courtesy please leave a comment, gratitude goes a long way)

Mask provided below

Proceed with copying your template to a new image
Size: 600X600
Arrange template layers to your liking

Now choose 5 papers, save one for later.

Select the first back layer, click your magic wand tool and click the layer till you see the marching ants.

Paste your paper as a new layer (Ctrl+L)
Go to Menu>Selections>Invert> Delete
(Ctrl+D) to get rid of the selection
Do this with the back dark blue layer's with one paper.

Next choose a pink paper and proceed with the above steps into the rectangles.

Choose your dropper tool and select a color from the tube to place in the circles.
I am choosing a blue.
Continue with above steps and instead of inverting we will be using the Fill tool or for a short cut hit (F) on your keyboard.

Now open your tube and select and paste onto image and resize to your liking underneath the right circle layers.

Time to play with elements...

Select one of the string lights of your choice and place above the tube under the circle layers
Resize 90%

Activate your Eraser Tool and erase her legs that are underneath the lights, as well as eras the extra lights at the left and right of the tag.

Choose a scatter and place below all layers
Resize 80%

Open the last paper we've been saving,
Copy to your tag, move down behind all the layers.

Layer>New Mask Layer> From Image<

Now choose some snow flake elements and resize to your liking and place in different areas on the tag.

Add your copyright, save as a PSD so we can have a blank for future use.

Pick your font of choise,
I am using Cataneo BT
Add your name and save as PNG

And there you have it.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial.
Please email me your results, I would like to see them



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