Monday, October 13, 2014

~*~PTU CT Tutorial for AmyMarie~*~ SecretTreasures


Kit – Midnight Roses by AmyM
Buy this kit from her store HERE

Tube – Kay by Garvgraphx
You need a license to use his work, get one from his store HERE

Mask of Choice

Select 2 Papers
600x600 Img
Open Mask and Minimize

CP a Paper to the Img
Layers-new mask layer-from img-find mask in source window-merge group

Ele 25 – CP/RS 85%
Place in center
Activate wand tool, click in frame.
Selections-Modify-Expand by 15-Paste 2nd Paper into selection-Selections-Invert-Delete-Select None
Move paper below frame.

Open the tube – CP/Rs to your liking

Ele 51 – Img-Free Rotate- 45 Degrees to the right
CP/RS 80%
Place in center above tube.
Erase any of the tube under the vine

Ele 6 – CP/RS 35%
Place in center

Ele 62 – CP/RS 40%
Place to right of 1st flower underneath

Ele 108 – CP/RS 50%
Place to left of first flower underneath

Ele 10 – Img-Free Rotate – 35 Degrees to the left
Img-Rotate Right
Place on left under all but mask

Ele 8 – CP/RS 60%
Place in upper right corner under tube

Ele 14 – CP/RS 50%
Place in upper left corner under tube

Ele 18 – CP/RS 50%
Place in bottom left corner

Ele 44 – Img-Rotate Right-Img-Free Rotate-25 Degrees to the left
Place on right under all but frame.

Ele 95 – CP/RS 80%
Place on bottom left under all but mask

Add your drop shadows with your preference

Add your copyright and save as psp img to have a blank for later use.

Add your name with font of choice save as PNG


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