Sunday, March 29, 2015

Tutorial for TonyT - Ellen


Tube Ellen by Tony T

Matching Kit by Michelle Myths

Mask of Choice
I am using Gem Mask 208 you can snag the set HERE

Add your drop shadow as you go with your preferences

Open Paper 1 – CP it to your canvas
Layers-New mask layer-from Img-find mask in source window-merge group

Open the tube – Img – Mirror/Horizontal
Place on the left side of the tag.

Ele 43 – CP/RS 80%
Place on the bottom right under the tube.
It's ok if you see mask poking from the right side of the cauldron.

Ele 49 – CP/DNR
Place on the bottom left to where the tube is sitting just on the grass...leaving room for copyrights later...
You can move the cauldron to be on top of the grass also (Mine for reference)

Ele 48 – Img – Mirror/Horizontal
CP/RS 80%
Place on the right side of the cauldron....
Hang the vine from the top of the tag down...
Erase any of the vine sticking from the inside of the tag.

Ele 37 – CP/DNR
Place on left side of tag under all but mask...
To where it looks like Ellen is surrounded by fire.

Ele 19 – CP/RS 60%
Place in the center under all but mask.

Ele 14 – Img-Rotate Left Twice
Place under all (including mask)

Ele 46 – Img-Rotate Left-Img-Free Rotate 15 Degrees to the right
Place on upper left.

Add your copyrights then save as PSP Image to have for later use.

Add your name with your font of choice.

Save as PNG


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