Saturday, December 21, 2013

Candy Clause

Candy Clause

Supplies needed:

Tube of Choice

I am using Christmas Corset which can be purchased from Garvgraphx HERE

Kit of Choice

I am using Candy Cane Christmas which can be purchased at Pixie FairyCreations

Mask of Choice

I am using Mask 14 which can be snagged from Millie at Millie's PSP Madness Here

Choose a frame to work with and copy to a new 600X600 layer
Resize 60%

Select a paper, I am using paper 3.
Grab your magic wand and click inside the frame, you will see marching ants pop up.
Copy your paper onto a new layer.

Select>Modify>Expand by 5
Move the paper below the frame.

Now open your tube and select the face layer of your tube, copy over to your image.
Resize 60%
Move below the frame layer and erase the left overs under the frame.

Select element 59, copy to your image, and place to the right side of your frame.
Resize 40% add your drop shadow with your preferred settings.

Open a 2nd paper, I chose paper 2.
Copy as new layer to your image and move below all layers.

Layer>New Mask Layer>From Image
Millie's Mask 14

Add your copyright and save as a psp image to have a blank.

Choose your font,
I am using
Monotype Corsiva

Save your tag a s a PNG

And Voila!

I would like to see your results, you can email me at

I would love to see your results. 



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