Thursday, December 5, 2013

Garv Happy Winter

Garv Happy Winter

Supplies Needed:

Tube of Choice

I am using the work of Keith Garvey Wintery, which can be purchased HERE

Kit of Choice

I am using Chocolate Cane 2 which you can purchase from Amy Marie HERE

Template #89 which you can snage from Becky HERE

Mask of Choice

Open a new 600X600 image
Copy your template layers over piece by piece to your liking.
Resizing each layer as needed.
I usually go with 80 or 90% with most templates.

Next, choose 5 papers from Amy's kit.
Save one for later.

Choose your layer under the frame, (ctrl+c) grab your magic wand tool and click that layer, “marching ants” will appear.
Copy your paper to your image.
Ctrl+D after pasting to deselect your layer.

Proceed with the same steps on the other areas of the template, except for the paper we are saving.

Element time...

Pull up your tube before we go on with this section.

Copy the top layer of the tube and place under the winter sticker. Erase the left over feet from the tube under the sticker.
Resize – 45%
Copy the 2nd tube layer and place her in the circle under the frame...
Resize 40% erasing whats left under the frame.

Double click on that same tube layer and change her opacity from 100% to 50%

Choose a few snoflakes Reseze – 30%
and scatter on different areas of the tag.

Select element 82 and rotate to the left in your image from the Menu.
Place to the right side of the circle frame Resize – 50%

Unminimize the paper we have been saving and paste as new layer under al layers of the tag.

Layer>New Mask Layer>From Image
Then your mask option

Add your copyright and save as a PSD image so you can have a blank for future use.

Select a font to use for your name

I chose Lindsey

Save as a PNG

And there you go!
I hope you enjoyed my tutorial.

Please keep checking in.
I am always up to something!



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